In the home improvement world, it’s tempting to choose the least expensive offer. But cheaper isn’t always best. In fact, when looking for a painter, price is just one of many things you should consider before hiring. If you overlook quality and experience to get a better price, your room won’t last and you’ll have to pay even more to get it redone.

The first thing to check when you hire a painter is the labor offered. Some companies might only paint and leave you to do the finishing. Other companies ask you to buy the paint. Still others have a limit on how many coats they will do. Make sure that your painter is willing to provide everything you are looking for–if your room needs three coats and finish, make sure that your painter has included that in their estimate and is willing to follow through.

Then, check your painter’s products. Often times, you provide your own paint, but if your painter brings it then you should definitely check the quality. Other products to check include brushes, finish, and protection.  It’s especially important to check on the protection products (dust sheets, covers etc) ; you don’t want your painter to make an expensive mess in your house. Boland Painting only use the best products on the market.

Finally, make sure that your painter completed the proper prep work. If you don’t prep a surface before you paint, it’s much harder to retain its quality down the road. Painters who skimp on the prep will cost you double your money when you have to get your walls repainted.

These three factors are much more important to consider than money. Once you find a few companies that meet all of your expectations, you can choose the best deal. But until then, make sure that your painters are willing and able to provide the best value for your home. If you don’t, it will cost you much more in the long run. Contact us for advice on your painting project.

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