Whether you’re painting a nursery, a toddler’s room or a teen’s sanctuary, fun is the way to go. Joyful colours, eye-popping images and interesting finishes take a room from ho-hum to wow! To make the most of your painting, start by considering:
Paint Type. The best paints to use are non-toxic. Some paints contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), solvents that evaporate as the paint dries and cause headaches and nausea in some people. Instead, ask for water-based Zero and Low VOC paints. These non-toxic paints have very little odour, are fast drying and non-yellowing. They also have less environmental impact, are extremely durable and clean up easily.
Finish. Paint for a kid’s room should wash well and resist scratches – eggshell and semigloss finishes are both durable and easy to clean. And using fun paint treatments adds pizzazz to the room. Paint a huge chalkboard above a desk, splash a rainbow of glitter colour around a bed or put glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. Faux finishes also add a creative touch to a room – and they hide fingerprints and dirt!
Colour. In general, warm hues (reds, oranges and yellows) brighten rooms that are dark, cold or lack direct sunlight. These warm colours make a room feel comfortable and happy. Strong shades of red and yellow energize the body and mind, but for some children, they may hinder sleep. Painting the main walls with more gentle shades of warm colour and adding a vibrant accent wall or splashes of bold colours throughout the room will brighten in just the right way.
Sunny and warm rooms are cooled by using blues and greens, colours that are naturally calming and serene. Though very dark tints may tend toward gloomy, they pair well with neutrals as accent shades. And why not consider purple hues – they have the relaxing quality of blue paired with the energy of red!
Design. While walls can be all one colour, kids’ rooms cry out for fun. Unique designs such as patterned walls of diamonds, polka dots or stars use coordinating shades throughout the room. Theme rooms incorporate a child’s favorite sport or action hero, or focus on nature, undersea adventure or outer space. And letter stencils personalize the room with the child’s name, favorite quotes or poems.
Boland Painting uses the best paint and preparation materials to create a bedroom as inventive as your child’s imagination. Contact us for more ideas to make your child’s dream bedroom a reality.

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