One of the most underrated aspects of a property is the paint job. The paintwork actually provides an incredible feeling of friendliness, light, inspiration, beauty or any other feeling you desire. This is especially important in education where the environment is so critical to accelerated learning.

Kids that feel comfortable, motivated, happy and joyful tend to learn more and be more confident. For that reason, more and more schools are choosing to upgrade their facilities through paint jobs. In fact, these paint jobs have many subsequent positive effects.

First of all, a new paint job improves the perceived value of the school. It looks cleaner, fresher and more professional. Outsider observers, teachers, parents and funders will take the school more seriously as a dedicated place of learning. Additionally, the property itself will be viewed as more valuable.

Secondly, it can raise the number of school enrollments. Parents that see a beautiful paint job will know that is a good environment for their children. They will see the happy experience of other kids and be more willing to enroll their children in the new school.

For this reason, paint jobs are extremely cost effective. Even the addition of a couple extra students over previous years can help pay for the paint job immediately. More and more administrators are choosing to make this small investment in their facility.

Overall, paint jobs can make the difference between stagnating enrolment and many new students. It can enhance the value of the property and the educational experience as well!

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