Painting a room is about more than just a colour. You want your space to reflect something deeper; possibly happiness, comfort, or relaxation. To get a positive vibe in your room, it’s a good idea to brighten up the space. These five things are the key factors that will brighten up your room and give it that happy, positive vibe.

Paint colour – Above all else, your paint colour is the foundation of your room’s attitude. No matter how you furnish the room, black paint won’t look bright! Choose neutral colours.

Paint type – Not all paints are created equal. If you’re looking for a bright room, you might want to try a nice low sheen on the walls with a satin finish on your trims. This paint style does a great job reflecting the full brightness of your paint.

Decor – Your decorations add the next level of design to your room. If you’re looking for some serious brightness, choose reflective and translucent decor, like a chandelier or shiny candle. If your room needs pillows and blankets, choose fun prints and patterns that complement your wall color.

Furniture – Like decorations, the style and shape of your furniture can add bright tones to your room. If you choose a darker paint colour, your furniture should be bold and bright to make those walls shine a bit more. If your walls are already a bright colour, try cream or white furniture to keep a vibrant feel without overcrowding the space with too many colours.

Lighting – Last but not least, lighting can make or break your space. Bright, beautiful walls with no light source will be just as dark as any other colour or finish! Centre your light sources around the areas you want to highlight, like the walls or a certain piece of furniture. Whatever your light directly hits will become brighter, so use it thoughtfully.

These five tips will brighten up your room and give it a positive vibe. If you’d like a room with these qualities, it’s important to seek out a professional painting company. Contact us for more tips or to quote your next painting project.

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